Information on the processing of personal data

Ι. Subject

This information concerns the processing of data through the present website operated by the Hellenic Parliament for the online informative one-day conference "Developing a comprehensive strategy against racism, intolerance and hate crimes" (hereinafter "One-day Conference") organised by the Hellenic Parliament , in the framework of the European Program "Rights, Equality and Citizenship" ("REC" 2014 - 2020), which is implemented by the Ministry of Justice, as project leader, and the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, none of which, however, have access to any personal data.

ΙΙ. Useful definitions

For your information, we use the following terms which have the corresponding meaning:

  • a) "Personal data": Information that identifies or may lead to the identification of an actual person (such as name, surname, postal and e-mail address, contact details, etc.) which is called "Data Subject".
  • b) "Processing": The collection of Personal Data as well as any other usage, such as registration, organization, storage, change, search, transmission, deletion, etc.
  • c) "Processing Director": The natural or legal person, public authority or other body that - independently or jointly with others - determines the purposes and method of Processing and is responsible for the data subjects.
  • d) "Firewall": The "Web Application Firewall / WAF" that has been installed by the Hellenic Parliament for the security of the website.
  • e) "Data logs": Electronic files of the website traffic, which are recorded on the application servers used by the Hellenic Parliament for the operation of the Portal.
  • f) "Cookies”: Small data files in text form used by the website and installed on your electronic device (personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) for which we inform you in detail here.
  • g) "Registration Form": The digital information registration system found here and available to those who wish to attend the one-day conference and receive a Certificate of Attendance.

ΙΙΙ. Responsible for the Processing

Responsible for the processing of Personal Data that is being processed through the Website is the Hellenic Parliament.

IV. Information regarding the operation of the Website

The website of the One-day Conference will be included in the operating policy of the Hellenic Parliament’s portal, for which the following applies:

The Hellenic Parliament does not collect directly personal information of the visitors of the Website, but only indirectly, ie the initially anonymous technical identifiers used by all websites internationally, such as the ip address, the type of browser, the operating system and internet service providers of the visitors, the pages and links of the Website chosen by the visitors etc.

The above data is automatically registered in the Logs except for the ip address, which is registered only in the Firewall (WAF) and not in the servers of the Hellenic Parliament. As mentioned above, all such information is anonymous and could lead to the identification of the visitor, only in exceptional cases and if there is a risk of malicious use of the Website.

This data is collected and processed for as long as required for the smooth operation and security of the Website, under the relevant duty of protection of the public interest and in the exercise of public authority entrusted to the Hellenic Parliament by the Constitution and the current legislation.

Furthermore, the Hellenic Parliament does not collect or process in any other way, any data from Cookies that are not necessary for the operation of the Website (optional cookies) unless the visitors agree to install them, i.e. exclusively with their own consent as specifically stated here.

In particular, the website of the conference will manage the personal data of its users as follows:

A. Certificate of Attendance

Those who wish to receive a Certificate of Attendance of the One-day Conference for any legal use, should fill in the Registration Form the surname data that are subject to Processing for this purpose (name and surname, ID or passport number and e-mail address).

At the end of the One-day Conference, those who have completed the Registration Form, will fill in an electronic Evaluation Questionnaire, where it is mandatory to insert their name and other personal data, and then they will receive the Certificate of Attendance by presenting a police ID or passport.

The data of the Registration Form and the Evaluation Questionnaire will be kept by the Hellenic Parliament for five years for the purposes of documenting the Program, also remaining at the disposal of the competent institutions of the European Union, in fulfilment of a relevant duty assigned to the Hellenic Parliament for the public interest and during the exercise of public authority (article 6 par. 1 item ε΄ ΓΚΠΔ and 5 L. 4624/2019).

B. Updates for the One-day Conference

Those who wish to receive updates for the one-day conference, should state it in the relevant field of the Registration Form. The processing of personal data for this purpose (name, contact details) requires the prior consent of the interested parties (article 6 par. 1 item a΄ GDPR).

The consent is revoked freely and at any time with a relevant statement using the email but without prejudice to the legality of any updates already realised.

C. Personal Data of speakers and moderators

The name and capacity of the speakers and moderators of the One-day Conference (hereinafter "Participants"), are published through a post on the Website as well as in any other appropriate way. Also, the One-day Conference and the Participants, will be broadcasted live through three Youtube channels and will be broadcasted later on the television channel of the Hellenic Parliament.

The abovementioned personal data of the Participants are transmitted to the Ministry of Justice and the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and will be kept by the Hellenic Parliament for five years for the purpose of documenting, promoting and disseminating the results of the Program, also remaining at the disposal of the relevant institutions of the European Union, in fulfillment of a relevant duty that the Hellenic Parliament performs for the protection of the public interest and in the exercise of public authority (article 6 par. 1 item g. GDPR and 5 L.4624/2019).

V. Third Party Links & Social Media

The Website includes links to social media and other third party websites that may process Personal Data, for which the Hellenic Parliament does not bear any responsibility.

VI. Your rights and how you can exercise them

You can contact at any time using the email to be informed if the Hellenic Parliament processes your Personal Data for the aforementioned purposes of the operation of the Website and the organisation of the One-day Conference and in case of affirmation to exercise the rights of correction, deletion, restriction of processing and objection, as defined in the General Regulation for Data Protection and Law 4624/2019.

Furthermore, in case you consider that your Personal Data is affected in any way, you can submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority (, 1-3 Kifissias Ave., 11523 Ampelokipi, tel .: 2106475600).

VII. Revisions

In case of changes in the operation of the Website that affects the Processing, the Hellenic Parliament will modify and post this Information, so that you are informed about it and you can effectively exercise your rights.

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